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Sharon Bourbonnais

A Girl’s Gotta Play

Release Date: January 13, 2017

Sharon Bourbonnais entered the studio with producer Josiah Hoskins and together they crafted a refined and definitive sound centered around Sharon's piano and voice. Josiah then surrounded her with world-class Austin musicians Aaron Hatmaker, bass; Beth Galiger, tenor sax; Brannen Temple, drums; Dave Scher, guitar; Evan Arredondo, bass; Josiah Hoskins,bass; Tijuana Trainwreck Horns: Mark Wilson, tenor/baritone sax & Tiger Daniels Anaya, trumpet. A Girl’s Gotta Play is filled with Sharon’s soulful sound, a fusion of Texas jazz and New Orleans blues.

"The musical journey begins with “Down That Road” a saucy jaunt comparing men in my life to the cars I’ve been “less fortunate” to drive. “Move On” is knowing when it’s time to. “Gator Tuff” expresses the strength of the people of Louisiana after Katrina. “Up Your Game” funk-inspired motivational tune. “Metaphor”, “Break Up Text” and “Another Friday Night” are a swinging plethora of fun, puns, smiles, similes, heartaches

and humor. “Back Against the Wall” and “A Girl’s Gotta Play” dismisses ghosts of the past who haunt your heart and misprize your dreams. “Only a Dream” a swinging ode to a dream lover," says Sharon of her songs on the new release. “I call my music Texas Jazz – Nola Blues!”


Recorded at Dr. JoHo’s Studio, in Austin, Texas, Josiah both produced and engineered the recording. As well he mixed and mastered it with Assistant Travis Kennedy. A Dallas native, Sharon is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Music. In her career she has created many opportunities to share her love of music through writing, performing, teaching and directing.

A Girl’s Gotta Play

Produced by Josiah Hoskins

1. Down That Road 3:40

2. Move On 4:29

3. Gator Tuff 3:54

4. Up Your Game 3:56

5. Metaphor 3:25

6. Breakup Text 4:09

7. Another Friday Night 2:55

8. Back Against the Wall 3:48

9. A Girl’s Gotta Play 3:26

10. Only a Dream 4:04

All songs written by Sharon Bourbonnais

© 2017 All Rights Reserved



 Media Contact:

Cash Edwards, Music Services

Austin. Texas

Phone: 512.447.0544


Artist: Sharon Bourbonnais

Genre: Jazz/blues

Record Company:

Music Through the Heart

P.O. Box 41976

Austin TX 78704

A Girl’s Gotta Play

UPC: 6 78572 26554 9

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